Open Book

More than radical transparancy

Yes, it’s about sustainability. But in all honesty it seems that so many brands are masters of describing what they do good, but none is being honest about what can be done better. With open book, we want to put an end to this, simply by telling you everything.

Open book is in process, stay tuned!


We’re extremely proud to be able to incorporate EPD® in our Open Book, an initiative by ISKO. EPD® is a document used to communicate verified, transparent, and comparable information about the life-cycle of products. The International EPD® System is a global programme for environmental declarations based on ISO 14025. Please visit Environdec to learn more about EPD®s, and access ISKO’s EPD® verified LCA results for all of its products in the EPD® database.

Being potentially the first Denim Brand on the planet to use it makes us proud. The EPD® shows all the ingredients in the fabric, without any marketing wordings whatsoever. It’s simply the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. In our case, as we don’t like cutting corners, you will find that our fabrics are among the most sustainable in the World, but don’t take our word for it, please explore the EPD®! You can find the EPD® for reDEW8 Made For Travel fabrics here!

We also love the idea of Swedish Brand ASKET where, just like a table of content on food, they declare all the ingredients of the product and not only the country of production. As they put it: “If You’re not cutting corners, there’s nothing to hide”. We couldn’t agree more and in fact we momentarily decided to do add the same type of transparency as part of our Open Book.

We’re not done yet, in fact we’ll never be done as we’re always looking for new ways. For us, it’s important to embrace and acknowledge great ideas no matter if they come from ourselves or competitors, as long as more Brands can utilise them. After all, it’s for the survival of Earth and for the future of our Grand Children that we started reDEW8 in the first place.



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